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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Somewhat Official XM Radio Announcement of Season 3 of Theme Time Radio Hour

Taken from the XMX page on the XM Site  today, October 1st, 10:00 ET:

"...A new season of Bob Dylan's exclusive series begins next week, with more of his own brand of radio with dreams, themes, and schemes. Today, hear two shows from the first two seasons of Theme Time, this time about Luck and Dreams...."
Very confusing, this hiding of the light of Season 3 under the virtual bushel basket.  No press releases.  No articles.  No nothing. If it wasn't for Dreamtime, there'd be no publicity for Season 3 at all. Is XM waiting to ride on the coat tails of next week's buzz for Tell Tale Signs?  Are they pissed that NPR got to stream the CD set and not them?  Without Lee Abrams beating the drum about Mr. D and TTRH does anyone at Sirius or XM Radio still care?

Thanks to the folks at All Along the Watchtower for the lead

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B.I.G things for TTRH Season 3