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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Season 3 To Include "Money," "War," "Presidents," "Cats," and "Famous People"

via PR Newswire...

Bob Dylan's weekly radio program will air on Deep Tracks XM channel 40 on Wednesdays at 10:00 am (ET), The Village XM channel 15 at 12:00 pm (ET) and all day every Wednesday on XMX XM channel 2, the channel showcasing XM's most popular and critically-acclaimed original music shows all in one place.

Themes on season three of "Theme Time Radio Hour" will include "Money," "War," "Presidents," "Cats" and "Famous People."

"Theme Time Radio Hour," an hour-long radio program hosted by Bob Dylan, has been described as "revelatory" by Rolling Stone magazine. Each episode features an eclectic mix of songs, from a wide variety of musical genres, related to that week's theme with Dylan's on-air thoughts and commentary interspersed with phone calls, email readings, contributions from special guests and an array of classic radio IDs, jingles and promos from the past.

"To listen to 'Theme Time Radio Hour' is to rediscover the sense of musical adventure that old-fashioned disc jockeys with strongly individual personalities offered in the days before big-money stations pinned their fiscal hopes to the rigid Top 40-style playlists that took the fun out of radio," observed Terry Teachout in The Wall Street Journal.
Well, maybe. We're still waiting for "Something," "Nothing," "Fruit," and "Streets" from Season 2. Interesting we're having another "Presidents" theme. November 5th, you think?


Doug Reed said...

Huzzah! Do we know what the theme of Episode One will be?

Fred@Dreamtime said...

Episode 1 will be "Money: Part 1" according to XM Radio, Doug, implying that next week we'll get "Money: Part 2."

As someone noted over at the Expecting Rain TTRH Forums, we're all hoping that there won't be a deluxe, limited "Money: Part 3" which will cost $150. :-)

I'm personally looking forward to the October 29th show, which I'm hoping will be a new "Halloween"