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Saturday, September 26, 2020

TTRH Whiskey episode now on 10 - count `em 10 - streaming platforms

The link above will bring you to a page on where you can listen to the "Whiskey" episode on your choice of 10 different streaming platforms, from Apple Music to Spotify. Enjoy!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Whiskey - Theme Time Radio Hour

A curated video playlist of all the songs (except "Good Whiskey and a Bad Woman") on the new TTRH "Whiskey" episode...

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"Whiskey" Episode Playlist

 "Whiskey" Episode 102 of Theme Radio Hour, first aired September 21, 2020

["Nighttime in the Big City”—Diana Krall]

[“Quiet Whiskey”—Wynonie Harris]

[“If the River Was Whiskey”—Charlie Poole]

[“Whiskey River” (excerpt)—Johnny Bush]

[“Whiskey River”–Willie Nelson]

["Bottleneck Blues" (excerpt)—Sylvester Weaver and Walter Beasley]

[“Whiskey Sununu Odia”—Edmund Tagoe and Frank Essien]

[“He’s Got All the Whiskey”—Bobby Charles]

[Good Whiskey (And a Bad Woman) – Timmie Rogers]

[“The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter”—Laura Cantrell]

[“Drinking Again”—Frank Sinatra]

[“I’ve Been Drinking” (excerpt)—Rod Stewart]

[“Corn Whiskey”—Jimmy Witherspoon]

[ “Ain’t That Whiskey Hot”—Billie Harbert]

[“One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer”—Alfred Brown]

[“Rye Whiskey”—Harry Choates]

[“Coming Through the Rye” (live on the telephone)—John C. Reilly]

[“Coming Through the Rye”—Julie London]

[“Mountain Dew”—The Stanley Brothers]

[“Moonshine Whiskey”—Van Morrison]

[“Bourbon from Heaven” excerpt—Dean Martin]

[“Mack the Knife” (excerpt)—Louis Armstrong]

["Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)”—Lotte Lenya]

[“Jockey Full of Bourbon”—Tom Waits]

[Poem “The Sweet Dreams of Drunks” ( aka "Mint Julep") (excerpt)—Joshua Smith]

[“Tennessee Whiskey”—George Jones]

[“Whiskey in the Jar”—Thin Lizzy]

[“The Parting Glass”—The Clancy Brothers]

[“Hangover Blues – Billye Williams]

[Poem "Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey"-- Hayden Carruth]

[“Tuff” (excerpt)—Ace Cannon]

[“Let’s Go to the Liquor Store”—Tuff Green]

[“Women” (book excerpt)—Charles Bukowski]

[“Top Cat” (underscore)—Hoyt Curtin]

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour ~ Whiskey

An enterprising fan put up the "Whiskey" episode on YouTube for those who can't listen to it in any other of the zillion available ways (I count at least four as of today, Wednesday, with more coming on the 25th).  If you're in that position, I'd listen to it ASAP, as it's likely to be taken down at any time.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Theme Time Radio Hour Whiskey Previews

 Three new previews for the "Whiskey" episode, premiering, September 21st on SiriusXM's "Deep Tracks" channel at 12 PM ET.  Don't you dare miss it!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Whiskey coming to Sirius/XM September 21

It was a morning of Confusionism, with yesterday's TTRH "Whiskey" announcement disappearing from the Radio Eins site, and their Twitter account replying "Wir haben es wieder runtergenommen. Mehr dazu bald" (We took it back down. More on that soon") to inquiries. 

A media report then had TTRH returning to Sirius/XM for a "limited run."

Things finally cleared up with Sirius/XM's official announcement. You can read it in full there, but in brief:

It's one new show, "Whiskey," airing on Sirius XM on the 21st. "Whiskey" will later be a river flowing on streaming services everywhere, including Radio Eins presumably, as well as the "Heaven's Door" website. For those who remember, this is very similar to the tie-in they did with Cadillac, which included the TTRH episode, a mini-website, and TV ads.

For one short week, September 21-28, the original TTRH will be back on the air with episodes from the show's earlier runs.

"The remainder of the week will feature ingenious playlists for the musically curious with Dylan at the helm. Until Monday, September 28 at 3am ET, hear a constant stream of past Theme Time Radio Hour episodes with songs dedicated to themes like Dogs, The Devil, Weather, and more."

So, a good news / bad news situation. The good news is we get a brand-new 2-hour episode running on Sirius/XM, which means we'll be able to capture a high-quality stream for our (cough) "legally-obtained copy." And for those who never got, but always wanted, recordings of the original shows, here's your chance, although God Knows, they ain't hard to find already.

The bad news is that's what we get. But, count your blessings.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New(!!) 2-hour Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour episode ("Whiskey") coming September 24 2020

Our Host returns with his first TTRH broadcast since 2015!

Translated from the German. Original post at


Bob Dylan is always good for a surprise. Not only has he finally released new songs with "Rough & Rowdy Ways" , now he's also reviving his radio show.
The new episode of his "Theme Time Radio Hour", which was created during the lockdown, is even two hours long and its theme is "Whiskey" ...

Theme Time Radio Hour (Bob Dylan)
Theme Time Radio Hour (Bob Dylan) © Columbia

That Bob Dylan is back on the radio is a huge surprise, but that he takes us into the realm of "whiskey" for two hours is not surprising, because he has now launched his own bourbon brand, "Heaven's Door".

Between 2006 and 2009 Bob Dylan produced 100 radio shows for the American broadcaster Sirius XM. Each show had a special topic and Bob Dylan turned out to be not only an excellent music connoisseur, with an exquisite record collection, but above all a great storyteller. Otherwise, Bob Dylan is rather taciturn, rarely gives interviews and at his concerts he has not spoken to the audience for a long time.

But as a radio DJ, Bob Dylan shows a completely different facet of his personality. His "Never Ending World Tour" was interrupted by Corona and for the first time in many years he can not be found on the stages of the world.

Then the "Nobel Prize Winner" will be doing the radio again and doubling his airtime. So the program title "Theme Time Radio Hour" is no longer quite right and Dylan is not sure who still listens to classic radio at all, but these two hours on the topic of "Whiskey" are a real radio highlight.

radioeins proudly presents "Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour" in the original and exclusive, on September 24th between 11pm and 1am.