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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Whiskey coming to Sirius/XM September 21

It was a morning of Confusionism, with yesterday's TTRH "Whiskey" announcement disappearing from the Radio Eins site, and their Twitter account replying "Wir haben es wieder runtergenommen. Mehr dazu bald" (We took it back down. More on that soon") to inquiries. 

A media report then had TTRH returning to Sirius/XM for a "limited run."

Things finally cleared up with Sirius/XM's official announcement. You can read it in full there, but in brief:

It's one new show, "Whiskey," airing on Sirius XM on the 21st. "Whiskey" will later be a river flowing on streaming services everywhere, including Radio Eins presumably, as well as the "Heaven's Door" website. For those who remember, this is very similar to the tie-in they did with Cadillac, which included the TTRH episode, a mini-website, and TV ads.

For one short week, September 21-28, the original TTRH will be back on the air with episodes from the show's earlier runs.

"The remainder of the week will feature ingenious playlists for the musically curious with Dylan at the helm. Until Monday, September 28 at 3am ET, hear a constant stream of past Theme Time Radio Hour episodes with songs dedicated to themes like Dogs, The Devil, Weather, and more."

So, a good news / bad news situation. The good news is we get a brand-new 2-hour episode running on Sirius/XM, which means we'll be able to capture a high-quality stream for our (cough) "legally-obtained copy." And for those who never got, but always wanted, recordings of the original shows, here's your chance, although God Knows, they ain't hard to find already.

The bad news is that's what we get. But, count your blessings.

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