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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

"Whiskey" Episode Playlist

 "Whiskey" Episode 102 of Theme Radio Hour, first aired September 21, 2020

["Nighttime in the Big City”—Diana Krall]

[“Quiet Whiskey”—Wynonie Harris]

[“If the River Was Whiskey”—Charlie Poole]

[“Whiskey River” (excerpt)—Johnny Bush]

[“Whiskey River”–Willie Nelson]

["Bottleneck Blues" (excerpt)—Sylvester Weaver and Walter Beasley]

[“Whiskey Sununu Odia”—Edmund Tagoe and Frank Essien]

[“He’s Got All the Whiskey”—Bobby Charles]

[Good Whiskey (And a Bad Woman) – Timmie Rogers]

[“The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter”—Laura Cantrell]

[“Drinking Again”—Frank Sinatra]

[“I’ve Been Drinking” (excerpt)—Rod Stewart]

[“Corn Whiskey”—Jimmy Witherspoon]

[ “Ain’t That Whiskey Hot”—Billie Harbert]

[“One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer”—Alfred Brown]

[“Rye Whiskey”—Harry Choates]

[“Coming Through the Rye” (live on the telephone)—John C. Reilly]

[“Coming Through the Rye”—Julie London]

[“Mountain Dew”—The Stanley Brothers]

[“Moonshine Whiskey”—Van Morrison]

[“Bourbon from Heaven” excerpt—Dean Martin]

[“Mack the Knife” (excerpt)—Louis Armstrong]

["Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)”—Lotte Lenya]

[“Jockey Full of Bourbon”—Tom Waits]

[Poem “The Sweet Dreams of Drunks” ( aka "Mint Julep") (excerpt)—Joshua Smith]

[“Tennessee Whiskey”—George Jones]

[“Whiskey in the Jar”—Thin Lizzy]

[“The Parting Glass”—The Clancy Brothers]

[“Hangover Blues – Billye Williams]

[Poem "Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey"-- Hayden Carruth]

[“Tuff” (excerpt)—Ace Cannon]

[“Let’s Go to the Liquor Store”—Tuff Green]

[“Women” (book excerpt)—Charles Bukowski]

[“Top Cat” (underscore)—Hoyt Curtin]

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