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Friday, October 10, 2008

How Can I Say, "Amigo Hombre"?

It's a good thing Theme Time Radio Hour has an international listening audience, or we'd miss half the jokes.  Thanks to Carolina over at the Expecting Rain TTRH Forums for providing the following translation of Mr. D.'s phone conversation - in Spanish - in Money: Part 1.

Antonio: Hello, Bob! I'm Antonio Hernandes and I'm speaking from Guadalajara, Mexico!
Bob: Okay, Antonio, what can I do for you?
Antonio: I'm going to the United States and I want to know how many pesos is one dollar?
Bob: Well, Antonio, usually 10 pesos to one dollar.
Antonio: So It's like 500 pesos to 50 dollars... No?
Bob: Yes, yes, of course!
Antonio: Very well.

Bob: [Carolina hears the following as "Ola! que todo está bien" (Literally: "Hello, everything is all right.").  Trevor notes in the comments that he hears Bob saying "Ojalá que todo está bien", which translates to something like "Hopefully everything is all right," or "I hope everything is fine," which still seems like a non sequitur, but at least Bob isn't saying "Hello" midway through the conversation.  In either case, Bob may have gone to the wrong page in his phrase book. :-)]

Antonio: Thanks a lot.
Bob: Thanks for calling!
Antonio: Bob! Can you do me a favor? Can you play ... how can I say... "Amigo Hombre"?
Bob: Amigo Hombre? You mean Buddy Guy?
Antonio: Yes, yes! Buddy Guy!
Bob: Okay, Antonio, here he is. Buddy Guy, "Amigo Hombre."


Anonymous said...

This line is wrong:
Bob: "Ola! que todo está bien"

Bob actually said "Ojalá que todo está bien", which translates to something like "Hopefully everything is all right."

Of course, it's still not very good Spanish...

Fred@Dreamtime said...

Thanks, Trevor!