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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Number One (with a Bullet) at the Dreamtime Store

Doesn't happen all that often that I'm able to find all the cuts from a Theme Time playlist at Amazon, but "Number One" is an exception to that rule. Usual caveats apply. The cut I've found may not be the exact same cut played by Theme Time, and you may be able to do better on price with a different album/store. For example, I'm sure you can find Josh White's One Meatball on several other compilations for a heckuva lot less than $56-odd bucks. On the other hand, I have the Elektra Years, and it's a great set for anyone who likes Josh White.

Also of interest are the two biographies Mr. D. mentioned, Anita O'Day's High Times, Hard Times (highly recommended) and Jan Howard's Sunshine and Shadow. Howard's book appears to be out of print, but copies can still be bought at the Amazon link, or through Jan Howard's web site.

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