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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

XM Deep Tracks Temporarily Off Air at AOL Radio

June 2008 UPDATE: In March 2008, XM Radio and America Online announced that they were ending their relationship "by mutual agreement," and that after April 30, 2008 the XM Radio channels on AOL Radio would no longer be available. It is no longer possible to listen to Theme Time Radio Hour through AOL Radio. - fhb

January, 2008 UPDATE
: XM Deep Tracks is now back on AOL Radio, and the link below or this one...

will take you there - fhb

Expecting Rain reports that AOL Radio has removed the XM Deep Tracks (home of TTRH) station from its free service "for the holidays," with the service expected to resume in January 2008.

Disappointing for non-U.S. listeners who have few other options to listen to the show.

I've re-directed the AOL Radio link in the right column over to this post. If you want to give it a try on the off-chance that Deep Tracks returns earlier, the link is...

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