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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Flintstones for Winston Cigarettes

Fred and Barney flog cigarettes, possibly providing the reason why the Bedrock civilization died out.

It should be pointed out that even in the depths of `60s Madison Avenue greed and lack of concern for public safety that this commercial wasn't deliberately targeted to the kiddie krowd, although I'm sure if Winston hooked a few kidlets in, they weren't weeping. The original early 1960s version of The Flintstones was a prime-time animated series, and the episodes -if not exactly high-brow - were as much written for adults as they were for kids.

Winston would discontinue its sponsorship of the series in 1963, after Wilma became pregnant with Pebbles, and the healthier Welch's Grape Juice would take over as primary sponsor.

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