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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dreamtime Episode List - Season 1

With TTRH Season 2 underway, Dreamtime is picking up many new reader/listeners, and receiving more than a few questions asking what we're about.

The Dreamtime blog/podcast is occasional commentary on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour, usually about something Dylan has said during one of his shows that has intrigued me, or my digging a little deeper into one of his stories about the musician or song. The "occasional" is in there because at times I'll go off on a tangent that has little or nothing to do with "Theme Time."

The shows can be listened to or downloaded here on the site, or you can subscribe through the RSS Feed or through iTunes. I try to document my sources, for those interested in learning more about whatever subject I've addressed in that episode. I encourage comments, especially if you're pointing out something I got wrong, which happens more than I like - but my reader/listeners help keep me walking the straight-and-narrow.

Needless to say - but I'll say it anyway - Dreamtime is not associated with XM Radio, Theme Time Radio Hour, or Bob Dylan.

I decided Dreamtime began its Season 2 with Episode 41, to parallel TTRH's Season 2. Season 1 shows can be found through the links below, and in the "Archives" section in the right-column. You can also find/subscribe to the Dreamtime podcasts through the link to your right, and you'll find a blog-roll of TTRH-related sites, and/or sites that have been kind enough to link to me.

Email is always welcome, and I try to answer every email I receive:

Dreamtime Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1 - Elvis & Dino - The Elvis Presley/ Dean Martin connection (Weather)

Episode 2 - The Ol' Ball Game - The story behind "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" (Baseball)

Episode 3 - A Single Olive - Victor Feguer's last meal (Jail)

Episode 4 - Tiny, I never saw a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey game. The Tiny Tim/Dylan connection. (Flowers)

Episode 5 - Two voices from Chronicles - Fred Neil and Karen Dalton (Chronicles)

Episode 6 - Juneteenth and Fatso - The song and the singer (Summer)

Episode 7 – The donkey that wouldn't die - On "Hee Haw" (Mothers)

Episode 8 - 14 Views of the Big City - A tone poem (Theme Time intros)

Episode 9 - The Outro - On Coco Shinomiya, Eddie Gorodetsky, and Top Cat (Theme Time closing credits)

Episode 10 – Too religious for the country crowd, too country for gospel fans - The Louvin Brothers (Devil)

Episode 11 - All mobbed up - Ol' Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack croon for Pete Epsteen's Pontiac (Cars)

Episode 12 - Love, Theft, and Emails - In which Your Host spins some platters and reads emails ("Love and Theft" antecedents)

Episode 13 - Stay away from planes and automobiles - A Theme Time roll call of musician wrecks and crashes (Various Theme Time episodes)

Episode 14 - Working for the Yankee dollar - The twisty history of "Rum and Coca-Cola" (Drinking)

Episode 15 – I ran at Bakersfield - The James Dean/Dylan connection (Cars)

Episode 16 – "Gene Vincent said, 'Bubba, let's go on tour'" - High School U.S.A. the "Facenda Freeze" and more than 15 minutes of fame. (School)

Episode 17 - October in the Railroad Earth - On Jack Kerouac - defest of poets (Rich Man, Poor Man).

Episode 18 - High on a Mountain - this one on Ollabelle (the band) Ola Belle Reed (the musician), and Levon Helm's Midnight Rambles. (Bible).

Episode 19 - That Ol' Black Magic - Dreamtime has its Bob Dylan mask on with a special Halloween show that includes The Little Man Who Wasn't There; Samantha Stephens; Peggy Lee; Jerry Lewis; The Five Blobs; a young Bob Dylan; a Dylan imitator; Judy Garland; The Jitterbug; and The Munsters. (Halloween)

Episode 20 - Heart of Mine - A show done on the road, so Your Host's audio quality isn't of the best, but maybe Maria Muldaur's stunning live redition of "Heart of Mine" will make up for the audio engineering problems. Also, some information on Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and an excerpt from Kitty Wells 1952 hit, "It wasn't God who made Honky-Tonk Angels." (There ain't nuthin' about that woman I don't like)

Episode 21 - Def Poets Society - That's def, not deaf, Fred. A primer on defness for the somewhat - like me - thick, plus a poetry reading and thoughts on Richard Farina. (Def poetry)

Episode 22 - All Along the Watchtower - Some brief thoughts on All Along the Watchtower, inspired by Kimo Watanabe's stark, spooky cover version performed on ukelele. Yes, ukelele. (No Theme Time content in this one)

Episode 23- In Search of Eddie G. - Writer, musicologist, Mix Master, cartoon character, game inventor, radio producer, Eddie G. seems to have re-invented himself as many times as Bob Dylan. (On Theme Time's producer)

Episode 24 - 1953 and Changes in the Wind - Dreamtime closes out 2006 with a turn around the radio dial and a look back at a year when music was about to change forever... 1953. (Dogs)

Episode 25 - The Name Game - In the first show of 2007, Dreamtime does a semi-countdown using Women's Names, inspired by Episode 35 of Theme Time. Where else will you find the Ramones and Allan Sherman on the same playlist? (Women's Names)

Episode 26 - Bessie with the Laughing Face? - The story behind Phil Silvers writing the Frank Sinatra classic. (Women's Names)

Episode 27 - Hey, Hey, I'm a Monkee -
Featuring Mike "Wool Hat" Nesmith, Liquid Paper, Tiger Beat, Charlie Manson, Jimi Hendrix, and the Mike Nesmith/Bob Dylan non-collaboration, "Rio." (Musical Instruments)

Episode 28 - Psycho killer, Qu'est que C'est? - With a few sentences, Dylan would send me off on a journey that would lead me to Texas snipers, blind singers, 100 proof honky-tonkers, and a country subgenre I never knew existed - Psychobilly. (Luck)

Episode 29 - Please Don't Go Topless, Mother - No TTRH radio content directly related to this episode. The stories of Bennie Hess, Troy Hess, and the song.

Episode 30 - A Good Walk Spoiled - In honor of the Theme Time's Host purchase in Scotland, Dreamtime plays at "Theme Time," with an extra-long episode featuring music, jokes, email, and commentary all related to the the theme, "Golf," for your amusement.

Episode 31 - Flash! Bam! Alakazam! - This time we're looking at an Orange Colored Sky. Like most music from the Big City, it has its own, strange story... with a cast of characters including Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Frank Zappa, and Robin the Boy Wonder. (Colors)

Episode 32 - Dig Infinity: A Passion Play in 4 Acts - Some thoughts, ruminations, correspondence, prose and poesy, cerebration, consideration, contemplation, deliberation, meditation, reflection, speculation, and cogitation upon one cool cat - Lord Buckley. Including the Dylan/Lord Buckley versions of Black Cross. (Trains)

Episode 33 - Oh Baby, Me Gotta Go - More Louie Louies than you can shake a stick at. How does Dreamtime fit over 50 Louies in a 14-minute show? Listen and find out. Starring Bob Dylan, Julie London, and even Your Host singing the religious version of Louie Louie, an experience not be missed. (Fathers, Tears)

Episode 34 - He Was a Graveyard Smash - A tribute show to Bobby "Boris" Pickett, who passed away in 2006 (Halloween).

Episode 35 - Cooking (and Drinking) with Bob - Today on Cooking with Bob, Mint Juleps! (Bombay) Rum and Coca-Cola! Barbecue! Beer! Figgy Pudding! And Bob's Mom's Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf Bread! (Various TTRH episodes where Our Host imparts recipes)

Episode 36 - Stagger Lee Shot Billy - A Summer hiatus show, with no direct connection to TTRH. All about that bad man, Stagger Lee. The usual suspects, including Frank Hutchinson, Mississippi John Hurt, and Lloyd Price, all join in. Plus a few appearances you might not expect, such as Dick Clark, Jiminy Cricket and Samuel L. Jackson.

Episode 37 - Chasing the Rising Sun - Another Summer hiatus show, inspired by Ted Anthony's brilliant book Chasing the Rising Sun. From the lips of a 16-year-old Kentucky girl to New York and Dave Van Ronk and Bob Dylan and then on to England and The Animals.

Episode 38 - A Wink or a Nod From Some Unexpected Place - According to the story in Chronicles, Gorgeous George told Bob Dylan, "You're making it come alive." Here's a brief biography of the man who during his heyday was one of the most famous entertainers in the world. (Chronicles)

Episode 39 - The Lost Theme Time iPod - Here's the story. Sometime in 2005, somewhere in Los Angeles, Bob Dylan is in a studio. He does whatever he came there to do, and then makes like a tree... and leaves. But he forgets his iPod. (The roots of TTRH?)

Episode 40 - A Ghost in Blackface - This is a story about a ghost who made music, a ghost named Emmett Miller, a forgotten son of a embarrassing and often deliberately forgotten American art form, the blackface minstrel show. (Masked & Anonymous)

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