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Friday, January 04, 2019

Dreamtime Episode 63 - Beneath the Underdog

Direct link to mp3.

Back in 2017, my brother/sister-in-law gave me one of the greatest Christmas gifts I've ever received, an hour deejaying my own radio show on WMVY Radio in Martha's Vineyard.  Called the "Hot Seat," you pick the music and you host the show at the MVY studio in Edgartown, a funky little Cape dominated by a broadcast antenna.

It took awhile, but Jailbait and I finally arrived at the MVY studio in October 2018 and did our gig with our great producer, Amy Vanneman. It was broadcast the day before my 66th birthday, December 17th, and the recorded show is above.

It's not really a Dreamtime podcast, at least in relation to the 60-odd shows I did from 2006-9. But after an eight-year break, I was in the mood for doing something a bit different.

Bob Dylan made a extraordinary speech during the 2015 MusiCares Person of The Year ceremonies, as extraordinary for the fact that Dylan spoke for a half-hour as for its subject matter, where he detailed influences, praised early supporters of his work and even took a few pot-shots at unlikely foes, including Merle Haggard and Tom T. Hall.

It's a great speech, and it's too bad more people can't hear it, but as you listen to the excerpts in my show you can understand why Dylan's offices never allowed an official release except in written form.  Too hard on the ol' mystique, I'd reckon.

But here's a taste with musical commentary, as well as guest appearances from the Jones clan, including Jailbait, Joyride, and cousin Junebug.  Dreamtime has really turned into a family affair, and in answer to those who have kindly asked whether they'll be more shows, the answer is "Yes!" although we're still working on scheduling, but stay tuned.

Enjoy the show!

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