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Friday, January 09, 2009

Nothing Coming 1/14 and Something 1/21

Mistakes should be admitted and apologies made when necessary.  After beating up the faceless XM Radio post-production team for forgetting to edit in the name of the next show at the close of the "Work" episode, I blush to find that the omission was a deliberate joke. 

According to the XM Program Guide, the 1/14 episode of Theme Time Radio Hour will be about "Nothing" and the following week's theme will be about "Something." Thanks to "jckinnick" for the tip, and congratulations to CS Nielsen for getting the joke and correctly predicting next week's show.

If you buy into the theory that the "Street Map" episode was a re-titled "Streets,"  "Nothing" and "Something" will complete the Season 3 broadcasts of the announced but unaired shows of Season 2.

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