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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Still No Word on Season 3 of Theme Time Radio Hour

UPDATE: I've amended the countdown clock to reflect a new placeholder date of October 1st, following my original instinct as noted below. You may have to refresh the page to see the updated countdown. Right or wrong? We'll have to wait and see. ~ fhb


We're getting lots of email and site hits from people looking for the start date of TTRH Season 3, but the Dreamtime team is as clueless - probably more so - as any one of the hoi polloi. I'm resisting re-setting the placeholder date on our countdown clock until at least tomorrow although I suspect a start date of September 10th is now unlikely. In any case, I want to hear if anything is said on either Deep Tracks on the XMX all-day re-run tomorrow. Since a lot of people tend to take what they see on the Web as gospel, let me re-state what the copy under the timer already says: it's a placeholder date only until I know the real one. Dreamtime has no insider information (Note to Eddie G.: Insider info would be most welcome).

If you go by Season 2, XM announced the start of that Season, which began September 19th, two weeks earlier in a September 6th press release. Actually, the news was broken one day earlier than the press release in a USA Today article dated September 5, 2007. (Writer Edna Gundersen seems to have a special relationship with the Dylan camp).Going by that history, we may see an announcement later this week for September 17th. Maybe. But I'm also starting to think that my original guess that the Season might not start until October 1st - or almost six months to the day after the end of Season 2 - may have been correct, giving the TTRH team a "six-months-on-the-air six-months-off" schedule.

I'm still resisting the various theories brought up by several of my correspondents that the Sirius/XM merger or Dylan's touring schedule or his announced work on Chronicles Volume 2, may be the root cause and there may be a delayed Season 3 or even no Season 3 at all. No evidence for it, and no evidence ag'in it, I'll admit. But I'm still going by my correspondent's note about meeting Eddie G. that yes indeedy there will be a Season 3.

And soon, I hope.

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