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Monday, August 04, 2008

Is the Theme Time Radio Hour Season 3 Start Date September 10 2008?

via the XM Radio XMX station guide:

"While Bob Dylan is off searching for new Dreams, Themes and Schemes – your suggestions are welcome at – XM is playing back some of our favorites from the first two seasons of Dylan's XM Exclusive show in alphabetical order.

It's Theme Time A to Y. Why 'Y'? No 'Z' theme in the catalogue. Yet."
If one is looking for, ahem, tell-tale signs on when TTRH Season 3 will begin, the list of shows may hold a clue. We're currently at "P" - for "President's Day" and "Party" which will play this Wednesday, August 6th. Shows continue to " W" and Y" - "Walking" and "Youth and Age" (one presumes this last is the "Young and Old" show from Season 2) to be broadcast on September 3rd.

So what happens on Wednesday, September 10th, hmmmmm?

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