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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Animoto Video TTRH Video Promo

I've been experimenting with a pretty cool new tool, Animoto, which essentially allows an amateur to create professional-looking music videos using your own selected images and music (or you can use music provided by Animoto).

It's not perfect - you don't have control over the effects, for instance and you can't do any editing past removing/adding images after the video is produced - but you can also keep fooling around with different versions until you hit upon a video you like. :30 second videos are free to produce. Long-form ones run $3 each, or you can buy what Animoto calls a "All-Acess Pass" for unlimited long-form videos over a year. Animoto also provides the nice feature of automated uploads to YouTube.

So, here's an example Animoto video using my favorite, ah, theme. Most of the artwork is from the Positive Ape Index blog.

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