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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Wanda Jackson - Let's Have a Party

I haven't listened to this week's "Party" episode yet, but I'll take any opportunity to post about Wanda Jackson. According to a 1996 interview, this clip is from a show called Star Route, and you'll note a criminally young Glen Campbell on guitar.

Wanda: ...I had been doing the nation's first network country music TV show, the Red Foley show, it was called "Ozark Jubilee" and later, "Jubilee U.S.A.," which is referred to as "The Red Foley Show". I was with them for five years. On that show, I did country and some rock, too, whatever record I had out at the time, I'd sing that. So, television wasn't really new to me. I enjoyed doing "Ranch Party." I like all the people on it. It seemed kind of strange to me, at the time, though (both laugh). But, it was a popular show, and I knew everyone on it, so it was always fun to do. I have some of the old videos of my performances on it.

John: Yes, so have I!

Wanda: You do, too? (laughs)

John: I have one of you. I don't know what it's from, of you singing, "Let's Have A Party" with Glen Campbell on guitar.

Wanda: I think that was called "Star Route."

John: Right. I've got some episodes of that show on video, too . . .

Wanda: Yeah, Glen Campbell was playing guitar . . .

John: Yeah, Glen Campbell was in the house band (and a slightly older Collins Kids were regulars --John).

Wanda: And they had me sitting on a stool and everything! (laughs) It was kind of funny, trying to sing "Let's Have A Party" like that. I wasn't comfortable with that. That's what we called the "Hollywood production." It would take them three days to tape a thirty minute show, and you just got so worn out, you did it however they wanted, just to get it over with (laughs). You got tired of fighting 'em.

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Jason Odd said...

It's from "Star Route: A Salute To Wanda Jackson," from 1964, part of a series of Star Route shows with a focus on a performer, and each episode was built around them, and the house band also performing their songs.

The show was filmed in Hollywood and Toronto, not sure about this one, I'd have to see the full show to know for sure.