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Monday, October 22, 2007

Christmas in Rocktober: Preview of Cadillac Episode

A preview of this Wednesday's TTRH Cadillac episode is available on-line now at the XM Radio site:

UPDATE: This is what comes of being an early adopter. I apparently saw an early version of the page, which has since been revised. Tabs are gone. The media player now works correctly with Firefox, the half-hour preview of the Cadillac show is no longer streaming, but can be started at the beginning and paused/restarted. Use of Internet Explorer is strongly recommended. I couldn't get the Flash media player to work correctly - that is, clicking on the "Audio" tab did nothing for me using Firefox.

In any case, if you click on the "Video" tab, you can watch a vignette of Our Host on a road trip, while noting: "You know what's even better than a great road tune? Not having some DJ talking all over it. Unless, of course, that DJ's me." Also available is a :30 second commercial: Detour.

Clicking on the Audio tab - in IE at least - will launch what sounds like the first half-hour of the Cadillac show. It's on a continuous, streaming loop, so you pick it up wherever it happens to be and listen through.

I expect to see the usual crabbing from some about commercialization and Dylan "selling-out" and so on. I refer those sour apples to this earlier post.

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